Tuesday 31 July 2012


Summer seems to have been and gone again and I have to admit that I am now starting to look forward to Autumn although an Indian summer would not be totally unwelcome! During the sunshine my sweet peas produced a few blooms (alas not very many) so I decided to pick them and make a posy for the house. The sweet peas are called Painted Lady and have the most heavenly perfume. I'm always rather anxious when picking flowers from the garden; I can't help but feel like a thief stealing the best blooms from the borders, I don't think I could ever bring myself to pick big bouquets so I settle for little posies.

I didn't do enough staking earlier on in the year and my flower borders are all starting to flop, the borage has shot up and it now rather precariously being held up by some lilac bush trimmings I took earlier in the year. The cornflowers are lovely, but I'm not sure if I will grow them next year as they do tend to look a bit straggly.

I managed to get the photo below of Holly inadvertently, while I was out in the garden propping up the flopping borage. She has a fascination with sticks and I later found out that she is not above pulling out the smaller sticks that I use as plant supports to play with! So I suppose that I was not the only thief in the garden, although one of us definitely felt a lot more guilty than the other!


  1. I know what you mean about picking flowers and feeling as if you have pinched them from the garden.But you might as well enjoy them in the house if you cant get into the garden.

  2. Lovely pictures ... I like picking flowers from the garden too. I usually pad out my posies with herbs and ferns. Your sweet peas are lvely ... Mine have failed dismally! Xxx

    1. That's a great idea - I will definitely be adding herbage to my posies from now on as I have a deluge of mint! I should also admit that there are only a few sweet peas in the posy above which I padded out with some frilly white geraniums from the garden.

  3. MAGNIFIQUES fotos!!! J`adore!!! :O) Et j`adore votre blog il est ausi MAGNIFIQUE !!! Et j`adore le lire !! :O) Et mentenent je suis votre nouveux followers!!! :O)
    With love from Moscow!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  4. I, on the other hand , feel I'm stealing from the bees and reducing their feeding oportunities in their hour of need. Silly, I know.
    As for flowers from the garden, the more you pick the more will come, maybe not in the same season but at some stage.
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing.
    Joasia x

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog, lovely pictures and especially loved seeing little holly who looks like a twin sister to my little cat Lily:-).... Looking forward to more postings...thanks for sharing:-) x

  6. Lovely pictures! My garden is like yours, everything a bit leggy due to too much rain, not enough sun and me not staking them. I have lots of scratches now from staking the overgrown teazle yesterday.

  7. Your garden looks so beautiful Charlotte. I love your sweet peas and all the pictures you have shown.

  8. My borage fell over a few weeks back - doesn't seem to have done it any harm though - just a bit difficult when mowing the lawn lol! Lovely piccies ... :0)

  9. Lovely photos! This year I sowed Wild flower and country mix seed from Sarah Raven's nursery and for the first time I have a beautiful show of flowers...they look so pretty I haven't even picked one...I'm afraid if I pick a bunch I won't have any left! Here's hoping for an Indian Summer...Sharon :)

  10. I am new follower. Your pictures are so pretty. I like the way you have outlined areas with gravel and stone, and may do that myself along my fence line.
    Happy Friday

  11. Your photography is wonderful. I have to say that I am the same way when it comes to picking flowers from my garden. I have five tiny jars in my kitchen window; in each jar I place one blossom (sometimes two). They cheer me up when I'm at the sink, but I leave most of the blooms for the garden. I have heard that the more you pick, the more blooms you have, but I can not seem to get up the nerve to see if that is right or not. Come on over and visit my little corner of blog-land, maybe you would like to be mutual followers.
    Your newest follower, Connie :)

  12. It's me again . . . I guess that I do like your blog. When I went to hit the follow button, I discovered that I am already following. That's the forgetfulness of getting older, LOL.
    Great site! Connie :)