Friday 3 February 2012


The freezing temperatures have driven me inside and even daydream gardening seems rather ridiculous just now. Instead I am consoling myself with lovely indoor bulbs and the immediate sense of spring that they bring. I took inspiration from some of my interior books and potted up these hyacinth bulbs in vintage French preserve jars with a bit of moss on top to cover the soil. The scent of these in the sitting room is heavenly!

I always feel a bit panicked when the little brown bulbs finally deliver their petalled finale, as after all the weeks of tantalising green shoots the flower never lasts as long and when they have bloomed and withered I feel like I haven't taken enough time to savour them!

But perhaps I shouldn't worry too much as these little muscari bulbs are eagerly lapping up the weak midday winter sun. Hopefully they will flower soon and lessen the sense of loss after the demise of my hyacinth blooms.

So now as the temperature begins to drop below freezing I will turn up the fire, snuggle up on the sofa with a book and inhale my hyacinth perfume while it lasts!


  1. I love the overwhelming scent of hyacinths but my husband complains they make his asthma bad!

  2. I do exactly the same, come on Spring!

  3. Lovely pictures Charlotte ...

  4. I love hyacinths too especially their delicious fragrance.
    I've made a mental note to plant these bulbs in containers in autumn
    (we're currently in Summer in New Zealand)!
    If you would like to see some summer flowers come over to my blog where
    I've got a walk through the rose garden!

    Charlotte the quilt you've made is beautiful and I would love to know
    what those fabrics are - they they all from the one range?

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend - we hear on the news it is now truly Winter in Europe.

    Take care
    Shane in New Zealand

    1. Hi Shane,

      Your roses look lovely! I'm glad you like my quilt, the fabrics are mainly old original Victorian scraps as well as some other vintage fabrics bought from Rag Rescue (


  5. I usually do this, too, haven't thought about it so far this year. Thanks for reminding me :-) Love the pots you've planted your pots in.
    Oh and I plant them outside in spring to have them back in the coming years.
    Snowdrops and crocus have there bloomy heads out yet and I hope they don't suffer too much from the freezing temperatures right now.

  6. I've been eating the Bonne Maman jam like crazy so I can use the jars.I put candles in them,but I will pinch your idea for the bulbs...lovely!
    Patiently waiting for my little narcissi to bloom on the kitchen windowsill.
    Have a lovely cosy weekend,snuggling. :0)

  7. The moment I found your blog it spoke to me. I just love your style and what you have done to your beautiful cottage.

    If you head over to my blog you'll find that an award is on it's way to you!

  8. Lovely idea putting the bulbs in the preserve jars, and one I will be pinching ;)
    I found you via Jacqui's blog, The Musings of a Windsor Rose. I am looking forward to reading through your older posts.