Tuesday 18 October 2011

Meat safe and meows

I had been looking for a meat safe for a while - not for meat, obviously, but it struck me as rather a good place to store veg; with potatoes and anything else light sensitive kept in a cloth sack first.
I managed to find this one on eBay last month and have been toying with the idea of painting it although now I'm not sure...I also had plans to replace the mesh in the front door with a tin panel decorated with a simple pierced design. I didn't want to end up over doing it, as I quite enjoy its rustic-ness. Holly has also managed to squeeze herself into the photo, I think she is trying to look nonchalant!
We have also added a shaker-style peg rack over the kitchen window for extra storage and display. As you can see it's taking me a while to decide what to hang up there.
The shelves in the sitting room are gradually filling up - but there's still plenty of space! Both Holly and Ivy have ensconced themselves in this shot, I'm trying to not encourage the cats to get on the furniture but it's hard to resist faces like these!


  1. I love your meat safe , it looks fine as it is!

  2. Your cats are simply adorable! It's virtually impossible to prevent cats from furniture especially cosy places like beds and sofas especially during the colder months! As the saying goes - If you want the best seat in the house look for where the cat is sat!

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    Did you teach your cats to pose so that they are colour coded? They are just perfect!
    Ingrid xx

  4. They are so gorgeous, and in my experience it's a loosing battle trying to keep cats off places, because they seem even more determined to get where you don't want them!
    Love the meat safe too

  5. your home is looking gorgeous. I have never heard of a meat safe before - great idea for storing veg xx

  6. Your cottage is lovely Charlotte, I especially like the pictures on your lounge wall. Lovely shaker style peg rack, it looks very nice above your kitchen window.

  7. Like the peg rail,what a neat idea,and your cats are gorgeous! :0)

  8. Your meat safe brings back memories, my Nan had one almost identical to that one. She never owned a fridge, but I cannot remember food going 'off' at all.
    The peg rail is a brilliant idea. As far as keeping Holly & Ivy off the furniture - give up and put a cat throw over for them, they'll soon stick to jumping up on it. My cat sits on the floor and meiows so that I put it over the seat before she settles down! Bellaboo is quite right, the cats ARE gorgeous :o)

  9. I've always wanted a meat safe! Your home is looking beautiful - any ideas what you are going to put on your peg rail yet?


  10. Love the meat safe. Sometimes it is much better to leave an item as it is and I'm sure in the future we'll be scraping paint off a lot of things we've painted. Don't get me wrong, I really like painted furniture but sometines I see things in a shop and think perhaps they would look much better left as they were. I'm not sure if we went to Warkworth - the sat nav took us down lots of tiny roads and I think we covered most of Northumberland!
    Ruth x

  11. Hi, I arrived here on a blog hop and stayed for quite a while. Beautiful cottage, beautiful decoration and of course, beautiful cats. I'll be back.
    Love from Mum

  12. I like your meat safe as it is but you could also do lots with it too. I would definitely have a go at painting it and the tin panel front sounds like a great idea. Very shaker!

    Holly and Ivy are sso sweet!


  13. You did well acquiring your meat safe Charlotte...I can't remember the last time I saw one in such good condition.....they nearly always need some repair to the mesh.
    Smart idea too for veggie storage, especially things like bulky potatoes....
    Julie x

  14. The meat safe looks great as it is but would also look great painted. I have a hard time painting things since I love the look of old wood. The Shaker peg rack is great and so long.

    Holly and Ivy make beautiful models!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. Charlotte, what an perfect home your making! Here in USA old pie safes look allot like that and they have metal fronts with with patterns stamped into the front to create little holes.

    Your cats are adorable.

    HUGS Lorraine

  16. Your cottage is looking great. Brill pix of the pussy cats! lizzie xx

  17. What lovely photos of your house and cats!