Sunday 24 July 2011

Ardingly Acquisitions and a Giveaway!

Back from Ardingly with a lighter pocket and sore legs! I love going to the Ardingly Antiques Fair, I could spend a fortune there so I have to be very strict and go with a list! Our latest finds were a pretty French cottage window frame which has been made into a mirror, I really like that they have kept the old latch on and you can see all the old nails as well. This will go in our dining room, opposite the garden door and will hopefully add a little bit more natural light to the room.
I also found this lovely French 1930s wicker suitcase. The texture of this case is really nice and I think the weaving pattern is very charming. I plan to keep my growing fabric stash in here, the suitcase will go on top of the wardrobe in the second bedroom.
 The inside is a little bit the worse for wear, as can be expected with its age. I was thinking of re-papering it with vintage wallpaper - but I'm not sure if I want to cover up the original lining.
We also found this pearly white French enamel jug with a few golden lines for decoration - nice and simple. And it's watertight so will be good for holding the odd bouquet of flowers or two!
And finally a length of linen striped material which I am thinking of making cushions with.
Just got the mirror onto the wall in the dining room, I'm really pleased with it.
It makes the dining room look a lot lighter and I like the seeing the reflection of the garden in the mirror.
Now onto the giveaway! I made this 9" square patchwork cushion in the style of the Tobias and the Angel cushions shown on Kirstie's Homemade Home. The heart is made of some pretty printed Victorian material and the back is made of some lovely French fabric featuring a narcissus print both from Sandie @ Rag Rescue. The front also features some very pretty Sanderson material. It's all hand-stitched and is scented with Geranium essential oil. To enter please leave a comment at the end of this post, the winner will be drawn on Sunday 31st July.


  1. What a great idea; a mirror in a windowframe.
    I am not sure your suitcase will be big/ large enough for a growing fabric stash, lol.

  2. So pleased to hear about your great trip to Ardingly, it was massive this time and some super things to be found there. Love where you have put the window mirror, it looks great. Do come & say Hi another time as we are always there! lizzie x

  3. I love that mirror it's so pretty, a great find for sure.
    I would love to be in with a chance of winning that gorgeous cushion cover. Thanks xxx

  4. It looks like you had a great day!
    I love the striped linen - any plans for it yet??

  5. I love the mirror, I wonder who thought of the idea of putting glass into it?
    Looks so good on the wall.

  6. Hello Charlotte, I just LOVE how you have transformed the French window into a mirror, it is absolutely beautiful. The linen striped material is so pretty and will look lovely made into a cushion or two. I have already put my order in for my birthday ~ some french linen cushions!!! The wicker case is gorgeous and reminds me of a small brown suitcase my Dad has that I used for school many years ago, he keeps all his important papers in it!! Your cottage always inspires me....thanks. Ann ~ Australia.

  7. I love the mirror and it's placed just perfectly. WIsh I could come across such finds here in NJ! Lx

  8. I absolutely love the mirror. What a great find and suits you home to a T. The fair sounds like a beaut day out, wish we had days like that here. I'd have to travel way too far to even find something like that. Isn't the suitcase a handy buy. Well I guess you get some of your fabric in there and it will look pretty on your wardrobe. Have a lovely day. Maa

  9. I love your new finds!! and great cushion xx

  10. Love the cottage window mirror...what a clever idea and it is perfect in your dining room.
    You have a good eye Charlotte...well done!
    Julie x

  11. Funnily enough I was looking through an old copy of Country Living today and in one of the photoshoots was the same picnic hamper priced at £89 from After Noah. The last time I went to Ardingly it was soooooo cold!

  12. Hello, I'm a new follower :)
    The cushion is beautiful, absolutley love your Blog. I would love to be entered into your giveaway!

  13. A gorgeous blog! I love your amazing finds and the mirrored window is adorable. The cushion is truly lovely, I'm hoping that I'll be able to sew something like that soon. I'm very new to sewing! I dream of one day owning a cottage, I love the inspirational houses, makes me very envious!

    I'd love to enter your giveaway!

    Thank you C x

  14. Love your finds Charlotte, especially the mirror made from the window and the wicker suitcase. I would love to enter your give away please.
    Jo xx

  15. Wow I love the window/mirror idea, we had our kitchen in the basement in our old house and I remember how precious light used to feel in there!

  16. Hi Charlotte,
    I love your latest well chosen acquisitions! The mirror idea is so clever and looks fantastic. I bet that jug will never be empty, summer or winter flowers and even holly will all look beautiful in it! Have a nice weekend. x

  17. This fair sounds like a dream Charlotte! Love your little pillow you sewed. I just watched the reruns of Kirstie's Homemade Home recently. Just love that show and hope she has a new series in the autumn.

    Hugs from Holland ~