Thursday 14 October 2010

Cottage kitchen

We finally got the kitchen shelf up last weekend so I managed to tidy up a bit and get my cookbooks up off the work surface, though I still have quite a few books in boxes in the attic!
I found a bit of space for my lovely french canisters - they were a graduation present from my Mum and Dad!
We also put up my kitchen towel hooks
According to this I should have towels for dishes, glasses, cutlery and hands - if only I were that organised!


  1. Hola Charlotte, congrats for your lovely kitchen... now you have all your treasures beautifully displayed and well organized, so good!!!
    maria cecilia

  2. Hi Charlotte
    What a lovely place you have in London - the cottage looks really sweet - love the french cannisters.

  3. Charlotte, Your kitchen looks darling! I love the canisters. Have a great week... looking forward to more posts. Lisa

  4. The kitchen is looking fab, well done on all your hard work! Lizzie x

  5. your kitchen looks fab I hope you enjoy baking many yummy cakes in it.

  6. Our first home was a cottage and oh how I miss it ! I love your sense of style and taste-everything looks beautifully done !

  7. hello I have just found your blog your home looks beautiful and very elegant I love your towel rail its very unusual
    xx fee